About BethNuah Ministries


BethNuah means “House of Rest”.  At BethNuah Ministries, we offer Christ’s love and encouragement through a variety of methods, including retreats and one-on-one mentoring for pastors’ wives and speaking engagements for all women.

We understand the joys AND challenges of being a Minister’s wife.  Laura Mullenix, Founder and Director of BN has over 30 years of experience as a pastor’s wife, and it’s because of some of those challenges that she can empathize and care about those in similar situations.  Feel free to contact her if you need someone to listen and care, and to help guide you through many of those emotions.

Laura has learned the benefits of praying through scripture as one of the most healing experiences, especially connecting directly with the Psalmists in their laments, but also coming out on the other side through praise.

Laura has allowed God to work through her and in her, helping not only ministry wives, but all women.  In addition to help for ministers’ wives, BethNuah also provides encouragement to all women through Laura’s writing and speaking.  To learn more about Laura  or to book her at your next event, contact Laura at lmullenix@bethnuahministries.com

Laura Mullenix, launched BethNuah Ministries in 2005.  Her 30 years of ministry experience, with husband Tom, enables her to understand the ups and downs of ministry.  She can empathize with those who are struggle and compassionately mentors and encourages other ministry wives.

Learn more about Laura and view her testimony here.

BethNuah means “House of Rest” and is a ministry specifically for Ministers’ wives, offering many different types of support and encouragement.

3-day, 2-night retreats designed specifically for the needs of these ladies are offered at no cost to the ministry wives.

Also provided is one-on-one mentoring and encouraging by phone or email with Laura, Founder and Director. Please feel free to contact Laura.


Studies show that 45% of pastors’ wives fear physical, spiritual and emotional burn-out.  Just Between Us, a magazine that once was specifically for Ministers’ wives, confirms that the “number one felt need of Ministers’ wives is for friendship and community, due to an acute sense of loneliness.”

Ministers are leaving the ministry in great number.  Firing ministers is commonplace, as well as other difficult situations.  Ministers’ wives feel the full force of this and need help.

BethNuah wants to help.  We want to offer a SAFE place for Ministers’ wives to be able to find hope and encouragement.