“Being in a safe place where I can share freely without fear of someone hearing what I said.”

“The absolute transparency of Laura.  She never once shamed me for my thoughts or feelings, but met me right where I was in my pain…she saw a bad part of me but she still spoke life into me.  Laura is brimming over with the love of Jesus…I felt love from the first time I stepped in the front door.  Her husband wasn’t around much but I could tell by the atmosphere of the home – the deep, wonderful love that they share….their love is still fresh, alive and full of joy.  This really blessed me in ways I cannot describe. 

“Thank you for sowing seed into my life, rest and future!  You are such a beautiful example of The Body of Christ loving other parts of The Body unselfishly…The emails and notes that my prayer partners sent made me feel so loved and brought up my expectations for the retreat!” 

“I’m not alone in my situation, God is in there and leading.  The encouragement I received this week confirms that God has our back and is still on the throne.”

“What a blessing it has been to have a place to be alone with God.  No demands placed on you, just rest and God’s Word!  I loved spending all day reading and meditating and then having opportunity to come together with the other ladies and Laura and glean understanding and comfort.  What a blessing!  I love the outdoor setting to be alone with God.”

How a couple relates is in direct correlation of their relationship with the Lord.   We are the bride of Christ, and the Mullenix’s are a beautiful picture of the Bride!  I have been to many great retreats over the years, but this is the best.  No pretending, no fake smiles, just brutal honesty and healing truth and wisdom.  I feel that I have started a major healing process that will enable me to be able to minister in a greater capacity.”